CEP 2020 Impacts: Climate Resilience & Energy Justice
December 18, 2020
2020 has been a year to remember.  From elevating climate change as a public health issue to advocating against unfair electricity rates, the Climate + Energy Project (CEP) builds resilience in Kansas through equitable clean energy solutions and climate action.  Thank YOU for supporting climate and energy issues. We hope you’ll support CEP with a donation, too.

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Climate disruption impacts the lives, health, and economic well-being of Kansans. Increasing temperatures, precipitation, and extreme weather events will bring more heat-related illness and death, vector-borne diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory conditions, allergies and asthma, and mental health issues, among other public health concerns. Climate change impacts everyone, but vulnerable populations bear the greatest burden. Prioritizing Kansas WEALTH – Water-Energy-Air-Land-Transportation-Health – reduces climate risks and improves the health and well-being of all Kansans. The Kansas Climate + Health Declaration raises awareness of the impacts of climate change on public health, increases civic engagement on climate action in Kansas, and advances policies that build community resilience and safeguard the future of our state. We continue to elevate Kansas-specific climate impacts on public health to educate the public and mobilize climate action.The highest electricity rates in the region hurt low-income Kansans.With sub-par energy efficiency programs and no hot weather rule, Kansans have to choose between electricity and daily needs. 

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African American, Latino, and renters in Kansas pay up to three times more than the  average household on home energy costs. While Kansans were reeling from the initial impacts of the pandemic, CEP raised awareness about the importance of a moratorium on utility shut-offs, participated in regional and national conversations connecting Covid and climate change, and co-created a new grassroots network: BuildPowerMoKan. The new coalition partners with front-line communities to stop utility shut offs and provide debt forgiveness for people experiencing economic hardships from COVID19. This coalition will continue to collaboratively co-create robust energy efficiency programs that prioritize renters and low-income communities to ensure equitable energy access. The best policies come from strategic collaboration and shared leadership, led by those with lived experiences of these inequities. Kansas policies need to center energy justice.

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