Action Alert! Tell the HOUSE to STOP putting politics before lower electric rates!
March 1, 2020

Lower electric rates are more important now than ever. Don’t let the legislature kill the bill to begin a state energy plan because we need it if we’re going to take seriously the need to LOWER electric bills!

Tell representatives VOTE NO on HCR 6031

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Call or email your Kansas Representative RIGHT NOW and tell them to support lower electricity rates; VOTE NO on HCR 6031! The House convenes at 9 a.m. so email or call them NOW! Click here to look up your representative and/or obtain their contact information.


Kansas electric rates have skyrocketed over the past decade and your options for energy efficiency tools, solar installations, or other cost-saving options haven’t increased, leaving you stuck with higher bills.

Governor Kelly proposed the development of an energy plan through an independent state energy office. This is an important step in efforts to address higher rates and plan for our future. But the plan is in jeopardy!

Reach out to your House member today and let them know you want them to vote against HCR 6031. We need a state energy plan to help lower electric rates.  


1) We cannot expect to address increasing utility rates without a plan! Not advancing an energy plan through an independent energy office further stalls meaningful action and moves us further from addressing our energy needs, leading to continued rate increases, no matter your electric provider. 

2) Kansas is one of only three states that have their energy office in their regulatory agency. The Kansas Corporation Commission exists to provide regulatory oversight and should not be the home of the Energy Office.

3) Support lower electricity rates. VOTE NO on HCR 6031!

Thank you for taking action for a healthier Kansas energy future!

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