TheNewTerritoryStaffShoot-10_smallHi there. I’m a writer, publisher and teacher who’s obsessed with my place. I live in Jefferson City, Missouri.

I grew up on a small Ozark farm with plenty of nature and not a lot of people. My writing is mostly about my love and curiosity for both, and it’s taken me through the Midwest, Costa Rica, California and back. I love exploring ideas, supporting writers and parsing out what it means to live (really live) in the Midwest.

These days, I publish The New Territory with talented people from all over the Midwest. I still do a few things for clients. I teach at the Missouri Scholars Academy in the summers and most recently have spoken at the True Lit festival in Fayetteville, the Missouri River Rendezvous, and the Baobab People Conference in St. Louis Missouri. Sometimes I even get to write.

Let’s talk: Tina.Casagrand[at] or follow me on Twitter.

Photo credit: Header by Benjamin Zack. Photo at left by Madeline Stanley.