Equitable clean energy solutions ensure fair and equal access to emerging technologies in wind, solar, and energy efficiency as opportunities to save money, create jobs, and build climate resilience.

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With more sunny days than Florida, Kansas has untapped solar potential. Increased solar growth would grow the clean-energy economy, reduce utility bills, and promote grid resiliency. Climate + Energy Project and members of the Clean Energy Business Council have been leading the charge to fight against unfair policies that thwart solar adoption. Looking ahead, CEP will continue to advocate for fair energy policies that will increase access to widespread solar adoption. Don’t block the sun on Kansas! Visit our Save Kansas Solar Campaign page to learn more.

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LAST CHANCE to stop Evergy’s unfair rate proposals!

LAST CHANCE to take action against Evergy's unfair rate proposals! Submit a Public Comment Opposing Evergy’s $35 Minimum Bill and Grid Access Fee As our battle over solar equity continues with the state's largest utility, we are now combatting their false...

Take action to stop Evergy’s rate hike!

Evergy's $35 minimum bill would raise rates on nearly 200,000 Kansans Submit a Public Comment Opposing Evergy’s $35 Minimum Bill! On November 5th, nearly 50 Kansans made their voices heard at the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) hearing...


Kansas leads the nation in wind energy production, and there is plenty of potential to grow. With over 40% of our total electricity produced by wind power, we’ve reduced emissions in the power sector by 40% since 2001. Research suggests that Kansas could support 200,000 more wind turbines — more than triple what Kansas has in 2021.

Energy Efficiency

 Energy efficiency is the use of less energy to provide the same or better products, services, or amenities. Increasing efficiency allows more control over energy use, lowers costs, and provides multiple benefits for households, businesses, and the environment. Using less energy reduces pollution and climate risks.

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Clean energy business council

The Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) is a network of companies and organizations working to expand opportunities for renewable energy and energy efficiency as practical solutions for economic growth.

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