To realize a healthy and resilient future for all Kansans, we need greater awareness of climate and energy issues, improved leadership skills, and more effective advocacy at all levels.

Civic Participation Blog Posts

Kansas Beats the Virus

The Climate + Energy Project is partnering with the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) to help Kansas...

Integrated Voter Engagement

Climate + Energy Voters Take Action increases voter awareness and engagement on the links between health, climate resilience, and energy through a statewide relational organizing network. Through trainings, peer learning, voter education, and community engagement, Kansans are taking action on climate and energy issues.

Kansas Environmental Leadership

Kansas Environmental Leadership develops and supports a network of environmental leaders in Kansas by providing leadership training and networking opportunities to current and aspiring environmental leaders. Thanks to a multi-year partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center, over 100 Kansans have engaged in high quality leadership development. Learn more about the history of the program. Are you ready to take the next step in your leadership journey? Apply today! 


Climate change exacerbates existing social and economic inequities, while the solutions yield multiple co-benefits across sectors. CEP amplifies community movements that build a healthy and resilient Kansas.