Where should I apply my donation?

Climate + Energy Project supporters have several options for where your charitable donations go. If you’re looking to donate to an environmental cause in Kansas, here are our options: 

Civic Participation
Realizing a just transition to a clean energy future positively impacts air and water quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and improves the health of Kansans. Civic engagement and leadership at all levels are critical to building a healthy and resilient future for all.
Clean Energy Business Council
The Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) is a network of companies and organizations supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency as practical solutions for economic growth.
Make an endowment to support climate, energy, and/or environmental issues in Kansas.

Kansas Climate + Health Declaration

The Kansas Climate + Health Declaration aims to increase awareness of the impacts of climate change on public health, to increase civic engagement on climate action in Kansas, and to advance policies that build community resilience and safeguard the future of our state.

Solar Outreach

Save Kansas Solar is a grassroots campaign focused on solar civic engagement activities, like letters to
the editor, op-ed meetings and grassroots outreach to legislators. This campaign provides a platform
for solar supporters to take collective action.


Preserving our Kansas WEALTH resources — our Water, Energy, Air, Land, Transportation, and Health — builds community resilience, improves health outcomes, and safeguards the future of our state.